Rice Planter

Rice Planter
Rice Planter
Rice Planter
Rice Planter
Rice Planter

Rice Planter Overview
Rice planters are used for the purpose of transplanting rice seedlings onto the field. It can plant rice at full speeds in an efficient and convenient manner. Rice seedlings turn out to have thick stems and stronger roots when planted using a rice planter.
Uses and Benefits of a Rice Planter
Plants seeds as precisely as farmers would do manually
Low noise production
Highly reliable
Works at full speeds
Comes with a special rotary arm
Increases production capacity
Specifications of a Rice Planter
Compact design structure
Stainless steel seedling tray
Sows rice seedlings with 20 to 40 cm row spacing.
Rice Planter Usage in Africa
Africa produces rice for exporting and to meet its consumption demands. Women farmers have a significant role in rice farming and are usually the ones to do the backbreaking work of planting rice. By making use of a handy farm implement like a rice planter, African farmers can plant rice in a fraction of time, without having to make much effort.

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