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Contribution of Agricultural machinery in the economy of Egypt

In the Egyptian economy, agriculture constitutes approximately 11% of the country’s’ GDP and provides about 23% of the employment opportunities. The cash crops of Egyptian agriculture enable them to earn good amount of foreign exchange catering to the overall national development. These cash crops include potato, cotton, citrus and fresh fruits. The Egyptian agriculture is one of the most productive agricultural sectors of the world despite having a small arable land and insufficient and unreliable water sources. The Egyptian agriculture sector has been able to reach the benchmark of success by incorporating sound technological methods for the expansion of the sector. These technological methods include the usage of robust and sturdy agricultural machinery, particularly Massey Ferguson Tractors and farm implements that are capable of producing higher yields of crops and easing the day-to-day agricultural tasks. These farm implements, Combine Harvesters and Massey Ferguson tractors are supplied from Tractors PK, which is a reliable tractor company in Egypt.


Massey Ferguson tractors, the solution to your farming needs

Tractors PK is your go-to tractor company in Egypt, as we have been striving hard to provide you with services that will lessen the burden of your day to day agricultural tasks. We do this by supplying easy-to-operate agricultural machinery at extremely low prices. We are a tractor dealer in Egypt and we supply brand new Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale in Egypt that have been the market leaders for decades. We at Tractors PK, provide you with these spectacular tractors that are easily available at your doorstep at negotiating prices. Our Massey Ferguson and New Holland tractors are built with strong materials that help them stand in adverse and unwanted climatic conditions without being affected much.


Massey Ferguson tractors in Egypt

The agricultural sector of Egypt despite being remarkably good and fertile has to face a couple of complex issues. These complex issues include soil compaction as well as erosion. Also, at times the outburst of insect attack is mishandled thus worsening the damage to the crops. Eventually, the growth of crops and associated soil is greatly damaged. In order to tackle and resolve these issues, innovative and protective measures are suggested. Among them, the usage of farm implements is one of the best solutions, as they are responsible for the spray of insecticides uniformly, thus tackling the detrimental attack of the insects once and for all. Secondly, the soil erosion and soil compaction can also be dealt with, with the aid of our farm implements as these can be ploughed into the depths of the soil, removing unwanted debris and bringing the essential soil minerals onto the ground floor. The results of ploughing are incredible as the soil is prepared to grow the new generation of crops.


Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale in Egypt

New Holland Tractors for Sale in Egypt

Tractor Implements for Sale in Egypt

Tractors Pk is supplying brand new Massey Ferguson Tractors, Kubota Combines and farm implements for sale in Egypt in order to provide numerous farming solutions to our local farmers that will contribute towards the expansion of the agricultural sector and enhance the exports of the country. Besides, the Egyptian farmers will also be able to generate more income for themselves that will provide them with better quality of life.

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