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Senegal is a developing country that largely relies on agriculture as the major source of income for most of its population. The major cash crops of Senegal include peanuts and cotton, followed by maize, sugarcane, millet and corn, all of which are a great source of earning enormous yet valuable foreign exchange. Senegal’s agriculture has been able to make significant contribution in the growth of the economy, as proven by several economic surveys. Despite being an essential source of earning valuable foreign exchange, the agriculture sector of Senegal faces certain drawbacks concerned with transportation, faulty roads, and irrigational issues. For tackling all these agricultural issues, advanced farm equipment such as tractors are direly needed. Tractors PK ensures all your farming needs are met by providing top-notch agricultural equipment in fair prices.

Massey Ferguson Tractor Company in Senegal

As your go-to tractor company in Senegal, our prime objective is to make agriculture the number one contributor in boosting the economy of Senegal by supplying agricultural machinery at low prices. We deal in easy-to-operate agricultural machinery that can simplify farming for you, including brand new Massey Ferguson tractors and New Holland tractors, along with Kubota Combines and various farm implements. Our diverse range of farm implements for sale, when mounted to our tractors, augments the performance ability of the tractor considerably. These farm implements are used by farmers for towing, lifting, plowing, tilling, sowing, and for cultivating, in order to maximize the production of crops.

As one of the most popular tractor dealers in Senegal, we deal in compact and sub-compact tractors that are a reliable source of transportation, lifting, towing and carrying bulk materials to and from the point of origin. The thorough and persistent usage of these farm implements and tractors at the right time will not only augment crop production but will also maximize the possibility of producing surplus for exports. This way, farmers in Senegal will be able to achieve desirable economic growth and improve their standards of living.

Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale in Senegal

New Holland Tractors for Sale in Senegal

Tractor Implements for Sale in Senegal

Budget-friendly prices for the Senegalese farmers

60% of Senegal’s rural population relies on agriculture as the primary mode of sustaining livelihoods. It is no secret that the Senegalese farmers have limited resources, which is why they may face financial hindrances in acquiring technological assets that can actually help them sow and grow crops. As Tractors PK cares about our local farmers in Senegal, we are offering brand new Massey Ferguson tractors, Kubota Combines, and farm implements for sale in Senegal to help farmers combat the operative challenges that you are facing in agriculture, and to provide you with tremendous opportunities through mechanization. Our deliveries are fast and our tractors are sturdy enough to qualify as an exemplary farmers’ ally in performing agricultural tasks efficiently and in no time.

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