Disc Plough Farm Equipment

Disc Plough Farm Equipment
Disc Plough Farm Equipment
Disc Plough Farm Equipment
Disc Plough Farm Equipment
Disc Plough Farm Equipment

Disc ploughs are useful during the initial phases of farming as they prepare the soil for plantation. A disc plough helps bring fresh nutrients to the soil’s surface by overturning its upper layer. It buries weeds and leftovers of previous crops. The soil can withstand heavy loads after a disc plough aerates it for it to hold moisture better.

Uses and benefits of Disc Plough Farm Implements

Works well on hard and dry soils
Rides over stumps instead of penetrating them
Effective after harvesting is done and when the ground becomes hard
Used for deep ploughing
Longer-lasting as compared to a mouldboard plough
Operates in non-scouring soils
Ideal for areas that are rain-fed as it checks soil erosion which occurs due to wind and water.

Disc Plough Technical Specifications

Tubular seamless steel pipe frame
254 mm wide furrows
2, 2+1, 3, 3+1 furrows
300 mm maximum working depth
522 mm longitudinal clearance
508 mm furrow wheel diameter
Weighs 360 kg (3 furrows)
Can be mounted to a tractor of 50 to 85 HP.
Bearing taper roller
Plain discs 660 mm – inside and outside bevel

Why Disc Plough Popular in Africa

The reason why disc ploughs are popular in Africa is that usually, the soils there are filled with rocks buried within it, and disc ploughs can work easily over such soils. A disc plough works with far more ease on hard soil surfaces in Africa, as compared to a mouldboard plough. It also cuts deeper.


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