Potato Digger

Potato Digger
Potato Digger
Potato Digger
Potato Digger
Potato Digger
Potato Digger

A potato digger is a harvest implement. It harvests potatoes by lifting them from the bed and then placing the soil and crop on the webs. Potatoes planted in furrows are dug using this equipment. It mines and separates the vegetable from the soil. Then the potatoes are harvested along with their stems. It minimises post harvest losses. A potato digger available at Tractors PK, a tractor company in Africa, can work on other underground crops as well, such as, onions, peanuts, carrots, etc.

Potato Digger Uses and Benefits

It is used for harvesting potatoes in a seamless manner
It digs potatoes smoothly especially in moist conditions
It minimises wastage and post-harvest losses are avoided
It is tractor-driven and digs differently-size potatoes
Can be used on any land, regardless of its size.
Requires less maintenance
Harvesting time is reduced
Best value for money.

Potato Digger Specifications

PTO shaft operated
Connected via three-point linkage
Seed capacity: 240-600 kgs
Seed to seed spacing: 6 inches
Line to line capacity: 28-30 inches
Compatible with tractors of 50 HP and above.

Potato Digger Popularity in Africa

Manual harvesting of potatoes without the use of a potato digger results in post-harvest loss of more than 25%. African farmers who utilise this equipment have noted a clear advantage over their old and conventional ways of digging potatoes. Using this technology has not only been efficient but also time-saving. African farmers who want to buy a potato digger for their farm can get in touch with a reliable team of tractor dealers in Africa at Tractors PK.

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