Border Disc

Border Disc
Border Disc
Border Disc
Border Disc
Border Disc

A border disc is a farm implement that is used for temporary irrigation. It is available at Tractors PK, a reliable tractor company in Africa. A border disc creates field boundaries and ridges. It also checks for soil erosion. A border disc earths up plants like sugarcane and potatoes for enabling a better root system. One can vary the size and shape of ridges by changing the position of the disc clamps.

Border Disc Uses and Benefits

·         Ideal for making field boundaries
·         Creates temporary irrigation ridges
·         Checks for water and soil erosion
·         Earths up plants sown in rows
·         Enhances root system
·         Reposition the disc clamps and rotate the disc bodies to vary the size of bunds according to preference. 

Border Disc Specifications

·         Disc size: 26” diameter
·         Disc tilt: adjustable
·         Width: adjustable
·         Attachment: three point linkage
·         Tractor compatibility: 50 HP and above. 

Border Disc Popularity in Africa

Border discs are available with a reliable tractor company in Africa like Tractors PK. An African farmer can use a border disc to create field boundaries and ridges in their fields instead of doing it manually. It results in better outputs. All kinds of farm machinery and brand new farm implements are available at tractor dealers in Africa.

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My tractor & plough arrived last week and I am very happy with its performance and speed.

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