Terms and Conditions

Any delivery of goods and services by Tractors PK as the seller to the customer (“Customer”) shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions set forth herein to the extent no other agreements have been explicitly made. The Customer’s general terms and conditions that are inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions set forth herein shall only be applicable to the extent Tractors PK has explicit approved in writing.
All discounts are offered on the basis of currency exchange rate. Clients are advised to make payments within one week of the issuance of invoice.
All exchange rate differences will be borne by the customer if he makes payment in any other currency other than US Dollar.
The prices of the Products are those prices specified on the invoice. Remaining balance payment (if any) may be increased in the event of an increase in Seller’s cost, change in market conditions or any other causes beyond the Seller’s reasonable control.
Our invoice is valid for two weeks from the date of issuance. If in case buyer transfers the payment after two weeks, he must get a renewed invoice.
Shipping costs may vary depending on the number of products ordered. 
When importing tractor(s)/implement(s) you may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once the package reaches the specified destination. Any additional charges are not under our control and customs clearance must be borne by you.
Customs policies vary from country to country which may be confirmed by contacting your local customs office.
No tractor/implement will be shipped until full payment is received.
All payments should be made via Telegraphic transfer to our bank account.
Tractors PK is not responsible for any damage that occurs to the equipment during and/or after it has reached the destination port.
We do not refund any payments based on the customer’s complaint, change of mind, or request. However, if a situation arises that is reasonable for a refund, we will deduct 20% of the FOB amount as service and bank charges.
Accurate buyer and consignee details should be provided in order to ensure that all the documents are correctly prepared.
Consignment arrangement will only proceed if we have minimum deposit of 50% of the total invoice amount. The remaining payment must be cleared as soon as the consignment is ready to avoid any delays.
Following original documents are sent to the consignee/buyer via courier;
1. B/L (Bill of Loading)
2. Final invoice
3. Other required documents in your local custom.
Unless otherwise stated in Seller's order confirmation, all periods stated for delivery or completion run from the Effective Date and are to be treated as estimates only not involving any contractual obligations.
Force Majeure of any kind, unforeseeable production, traffic or shipping disturbances, war, acts of terrorism, fire, floods, unforeseeable shortages of labor, utilities or raw materials and supplies, strikes, lockouts, acts of government, and any other hindrances beyond the control of the party obliged to perform which delay or prevent production, shipment, etc., or make it an unreasonable proposition, shall relieve the party from its obligation to supply with in quoted time frame.
Any user or visitor who places an enquiry through our Website, Live Chat Support System, Phone, Third Party Classified Portals and Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. would be automatically subscribed to our promotional emails/messages which are sent time to time and/or when new offers are available. Visitors/Users can unsubscribe from our subscription list by clicking on the unsubscribed button which is available at the bottom of our emails.
We are required to use your personal information to process the order concluded with you. Any additional use shall require your express permission.


Tractors PK reserves the right to update the `Terms & Conditions` at any time without prior notice.  

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