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Boom Sprayer
Boom Sprayer
Boom Sprayer
Boom Sprayer
Boom Sprayer
Boom Sprayer
Boom Sprayer

Boom sprayers are used for spraying pesticides, insecticides and fertiliser directly on crops. A boom sprayer is attached to a tractor and is used for spraying fertiliser on low-growing crops, as it allows for downward penetration of chemical droplets. Fertilisers or other liquids are sprayed directly through nozzles on the implement. Low fertile fields can benefit largely from the use of this implement. When operated correctly, it enables successful application of pesticides and fertilisers, resulting in enhanced crop growth.

Uses and benefits Boom sprayers

Perfect for spraying on large areas
Provides better coverage and accuracy as it runs closer to the land, hence less likely to be affected by wind.
Spraying is easier to track
Ability to spray a large area in fraction of time
Cost-saving and time-saving
Especially useful in areas more prone to wind, as it reduces chemical drift.

Boom sprayers Specifications

Length: up to 10 m
Capacity: 500-1000 litres
Operation tractor: hydraulic and PTO driven
Nozzle type: Teejet/conical
Chemical resistant tank
Solid colour tank for no algae growth inside
Spring loaded boom sections
Easy to use control panel and pressure regulator
PTO (rpm): 540
Category-II three point linkage

Why Boom sprayers Popular in Africa

Farms in most African countries are infested with pests. By using boom sprayers, African farmers can spray pesticides directly on crops to counter pest infestations. Low-growing crop fields can benefit from the use of boom sprayers by spraying fertiliser on crops, which will enable better growth of crops. Boom sprayers reduce the chances of chemical wastage.

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