Potato Planter

Potato Planter
Potato Planter
Potato Planter
Potato Planter
Potato Planter
Potato Planter

Product Overview
A potato planter is a planting implement that sows seeds of potatoes. It mechanises potato cultivation as it forms two slits in the ground, then drops potatoes into the trench. It is easy to use and has made the process of planting simple as ever for African farmers that rely on Tractors PK for their farm equipment, as it is a reliable tractor company in Africa.
Uses and Benefits of a Potato Planter
A potato planter sows plants in rows
It is simply operated and easy to maintain
Its depth and planting spacing can be adjusted as preferred
Does not require additional labour, as it is an automatic planter
Saves time and labour, as opposed fo conventional methods of planting potatoes.
Its structure is compact and offers good mobility.
Technical Specifications of a Potato Planter
Seed capacity: 240-600 Kgs
Seed to seed spacing: 6 inches
Line to line capacity: 28-30 inches
Compatible with tractors of 50 HP and above
Attached to tractors via three-point linkage
Uses chain system cups.
Usage in Africa
Ethiopia is the largest producer of potatoes in Africa and Ethiopian farmers are able to produce timely and quality produce by relying on high quality farm implements, such as a potato planter. One can buy a potato planter and all kinds of agricultural equipment from Tractors PK.

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