Mould Board Plough

Mould Board Plough
Mould Board Plough
Mould Board Plough
Mould Board Plough
Mould Board Plough

A mouldboard plough is especially useful during primary tillage as it helps prepare the land for cultivation. It gets rid of weeds in heavily rain-fed and canal-irrigated fields. A mouldboard plough pulverises the soil so that the residue from previous crops and any unfavourable growth can be buried within the soil. It basically readies the soil for current season’s cultivation. A mouldboard plough is mounted to a tractor.

Uses and Benefits of Mouldboard Plough

Vital for the maintenance of soil
Improves the soil’s drainage characteristics
Gives the soil a smooth structure
Breaks clods
No need of applying extra pressure as it adapts itself to find the desired depth
Inverts soil to stop the growth of weeds and is essential where weed resurgence occurs frequently
Creates a favourable environment for plants to encourage their healthy growth
Protects farms from pests
Allows for decomposition by burying crop residues.

Mouldboard Plough Specifications

Number of furrows: 3
Weighs about 35 kgs
Maximum depth: 25 cm
Working width: 90 cm
Tractor compatibility: 50 plus HP
Special wear-resistant steel bottoms with bar point
Long-lasting due to bar point bottoms that can be reversed or extended
Steel plate with square tube backbone
Linkage category: II

Why Mouldboard Plough Popular in Africa

A mouldboard plough is of great use in hard African soils. It comes in handy where the soils are less fertile. African farmers face many challenges such as less arable land and unwanted growth of weeds. A mouldboard plough solves this problem as it can handle tough ploughing operations. It reduces cultivation time and allows farmers to get their work done more efficiently.

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