Water Bowser

Water Bowser
Water Bowser
Water Bowser
Water Bowser
Water Bowser

Product Overview
A water bowser is a transportation implement that is utilised for transporting water across the field. It makes it easy to carry fluid to far-flung areas safely. It also keeps the area moist and can also spray fluids.
Uses and Benefits of a Water Bowser
A water bowser provides water for drinking or for watering the plants
It is used for pressure washing
It can carry liquid fertiliser and other fluids.
Technical Specifications of a Water Bowser
Movement: tractor towable
Availability: 500 gallons to 2000 gallons
Chassis channel: 8”x3”
Baffle plate: 1
Tractor compatibility: 50 HP and above
Capacity: 2000 litres and 5000 litres
Usage in Africa
African farmers use water bowsers to transport water across site. It provides drinking water for animals and also for watering plants. High-quality tractor bowsers are available at Tractors PK, a leading tractor company in Africa that is home to brand new farm implements and other such agricultural machinery for sale.

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Our Customers

It is an absolute pride for me to purchase new shining MF 360 Tractor from Tractors PK which is a truly a name to trust with. I received this excellent piece of tractor in perfectly new condition.

Mogomotsi Kopano


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