Zero Tillage Planter

Zero Tillage Planter
Zero Tillage Planter
Zero Tillage Planter
Zero Tillage Planter
Zero Tillage Planter
Zero Tillage Planter

Product Overview
A zero tillage planter is an implement used by farmers who opt for the technique of zero tillage in their fields. It sows crop seeds of all kinds and maximises plantation efficiency.
Uses and Benefits of a Zero Tillage Planter
Reduces soil erosion
Enhances soil’s biological activity
Better economic gains
Intact and unperturbed soil structure
Saves water
Promotes dry seeding
Makes soil resilient and improves its quality
The zero tillage method can save up to 25% water
Less compaction of soil
Lower fuel costs.
Technical Specifications of a Zero Tillage Planter
Seed and fertiliser pipes: 18
Length: 7 feet 3 inches
Width: 3 feet 3 inches
Total tines: 9
Row spacing: 10 inches adjustable
Type: seed planter
Tractor compatibility: 50 HP and above
Usage in Africa
Mostly Kenyan farmers are adopting zero tillage method to counter the dry and tough climate. By embracing this method, they have been able to produce unbelievable yields of crops during dry season. African farmers can purchase their brand new farm implements from Tractors PK.

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