Kubota DC-105X Combine Harvester for sale

Kubota DC-105X Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-105X Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-105X Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-105X Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-105X Combine Harvester for sale

Combine Harvester (Harvesting, Threshing, and Cleaning one operation), 105hp Diesel Engine, High speed Rice Harvesting, 2.7 Meters Cutting Width, 1400KG Rice Grain Capacity, 105Ltrs Fuel Tank, 0.6 - 0.75 Hectares per hour, Easy to Operate, Outstanding Threshing System, For Crops: Rice, Wheat, Oats, Barley, Flax, and Soybeans. Can also do Corn with attachment 


Kubota DC-105X combine harvester for sale

An extensive procedure is usually required for cutting and harvesting crops, which takes quite a lot of time. Well farmers usually do not have such luxury of time. Other than time, other problems like labour shortage also root up at harvesting time. Farmers need to save as much time as possible. They need to do this in order to ready their field for the next crop. 
Combine harvesters perform major functions such as harvesting, threshing all in one operation. This saves plenty of time and the need for labour. So what more does a farmer want other than an incredible combine harvester. We have an amazing combine harvester for sale for our farmers. It is Kubota DC-105X which has excellent features.

Build quality and features

Kubota DC-105X performs all major functions of harvesting in a single go. These functions include harvesting, threshing and cleaning combined in one. This a major plus for all farmers as it saves time. 
Kubota DC-105X has a 105hp diesel engine which is quite economical with the fuel. It has 2.7 meters cutting width. With a 1400 kilograms rice grain capacity and 105 litres fuel tank, it is simply amazing. It has a 0.6 to 0.75 hectares range.

Why choose the Kubota DC-105X

One quality that a combine harvester must have is that it must be easy to operate. Kubota DC-105X is incredibly easily to operate. Secondly, the threshing system of a combine harvester must be top notch as well. With its outstanding threshing system, Kubota DC-105X checks all the boxes that a combine harvester must have. 

What crops can Kubota DC-105X operate on?

Kubota DC-105X can operate on multiple crops. These crops include crops like Rice, Wheat, Oats, Barley, Flax, and Soybeans. It can also do work on rice with an attachment.

Is the Kubota DC-105X worth it?

The Kubota DC-105X is undeniably an excellent option to have in your farm inventory. We have Kubota DC-105X for sale on a great price. We also have other options such as tractors and other models of combine harvesters for sale. Have a look at our extensive inventory of agricultural machinery on our website.

Our Customers

 Received my tractor and implements. Thank  you Tractors PK for the good service.

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