Kubota DC-70 Combine Harvester for sale

Kubota DC-70 Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-70 Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-70 Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-70 Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-70 Combine Harvester for sale

833 Hours, Combine Harvester, 70hp Diesel Engine, High speed Rice Harvesting at 1.85 Meters/second, 2.075 Meters Cutting Width, 300KG Grain Tank, 85Ltrs Fuel Tank, Easy to Operate, Outstanding Threshing System, For Crops: Rice, Wheat, Oats, Barley, Flax, and Soybeans. Can also do Corn with attachment 



Kubota is a versatile brand known for its reliability and remarkability in the agricultural sector. Numerous farm implements, tractors, and combine harvesters can be found under one roof. All of this agricultural machinery suffices the developmental bridge for the farmers.


Kubota DC-70 Combine Harvester

At our tractor dealer company, the category for agricultural machinery is diverse and thus we own an inventory of both used and brand new products. Likewise, our combine harvesters for sale are also available in used and brand-new conditions. One of our combine harvesters, namely the Kubota DC-70 combine harvester, is a Japanese manufactured agri-product. These harvesters are composed of elite quality and are mainly designed to attain an enhanced crop residue management system for the farmers of paddy agricultural fields. When these harvesters are rolled over the agricultural fields, no damage to the residual agricultural crops is witnessed.

When a Kubota DC-70 combine harvester is used for the recovery of crops namely oats, barley, flax, wheat, rice, and soybeans, higher crop recovery is ensured with a loss rate even below 3%.


Potentials of the Kubota DC-70 combine harvester

Undeniably, this combine is one of the most powerful and rigged combines among many others known. As the fuel economy of this combine is quite great, such so that it consumes 3 to 4 litres of fuel on average per rai while delivering a horsepower of 70 hp at the same rate.

The harvester DC-70 comes with a grain tank which is quite spacious enabling the accommodation of 1 ton of volume. The performance of this combine is quite swift and the operations of harvesting are rapid enough. Resultantly, a vast collection of the harvested crop in a short time is achieved without much hassle and effort.

The combine DC-70 is a very reliable agricultural machinery as it allows you to interchange between variable styles such as spread and window to yield better results. To prevent damage to the grains, it is thoroughly advisable to check the processor settings of the Kubota DC-70 in-between shoe openings and concave clearance from the comfort of your cab.

The threshing unit of the Kubota DC-70 comes with enlarged double-layered concaves and long threshing cylinder for maximizing the separation of the rice grains. The unwanted residue can be cleaned off the threshing unit by means of a 3 directional air stream.

The maneuverability and operational credibility are accelerated by a hydraulic supported header set. Subsequently, proper wheelbase and higher ground clearance further contribute to increased maneuverability. A multifunctional control lever is also featured, enabling the height amendments at the tip of your fingers.

The efficiency of a used combine harvester or brand new harvester available at Tractors Pk is incomparable, buy what fits your budget with no compromise on quality on either one. Call us and get your paddy fields harvested right away!

Our Customers

 Thumbs up! I was skeptical of ordering a tractor from outside Botswana but after receiving my tractor and implements, I am happy to say I was not let down. Job well done.

Customer from Botswana


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