Kubota DC-70G Plus Combine Harvester for sale

Kubota DC-70G Plus Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-70G Plus Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-70G Plus Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-70G Plus Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-70G Plus Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-70G Plus Combine Harvester for sale

 500 Hours, Combine Harvester (Harvesting, Threshing, and Cleaning in one operation), 70hp Diesel Engine, High speed Rice Harvesting, 2.0 Meters Cutting Width, 1000KG Rice Grain Capacity, 85Ltrs Fuel Tank, 0.4 - 0.5 Hectares per hour, Easy to Operate, Outstanding Threshing System, able to handle long hours, Boom for unloading rice, For Crops: Rice, Wheat, Oats, Barley, Flax, and Soybeans. Can also do Corn with attachment


At Tractors Pk, a diverse variety of agricultural machinery awaits your response. We own farm implements, tractors, and combine harvesters belonging to some of the world’s most known and trusted brands namely Kubota Combine harvesters, Massey Ferguson Tractors, New Holland Tractors, and other high-end and imported agricultural machinery providing an indefinite number of agricultural solutions to regional farmers and beyond. 

Kubota Combine Harvesters

Kubota combine harvesters for sale are easily available at our tractor dealer company. These Kubota combines are made of quality materials, to bear long working hours for prolonged efficiency. Kubota combines are capable of operating in the roughest and the most paddy agricultural fields with guaranteed superior performance for improved crop yields. 

Kubota DC-70 G Plus

Kubota DC-70 G Plus is an exceptionally coordinated combine harvester, of a Japanese origin. It is capable of harvesting at a higher speed of approximately 1.85 m/s. Its diesel engine can deliver the power of 69 hp to ensure that the machine can perform without any interceding at times of higher load. 
The maximum weight of this vehicle is approximately 3030kg while ground clearance is recorded to be 325 mm essentially responsible for increased maneuverability. Despite the heavyweight of the combine, it can be easily decelerated by a mere force due to the presence of power steering system. 

Specifications of DC-70 G Plus

The DC-70 G Plus combine has a high-power diesel engine to maximize its operations with perfection. The capacity of holding rice or any other crop is considerably large as it can accommodate approximately 300kg of rice. 
Moreover, this combine has an enhanced fuel tank accommodating a volume of 85 liters inhibiting frequent refueling and ensuring a prolonged activity period. 


This combine cuts the crop at an average width of 2075 mm, however with the four-way flap of the harvester, the cutting width and height can be changed as per need. A transparent control panel seems to be a crucial part of combine DC-70 G Plus as it depicts the machine parameters namely cooling water temperature, fuel, engine speed, charging power, etc.
There exists a rice transfer system, capable of transferring the rice to the dam of the vehicle pretty swiftly without harming them. Furthermore, a large dam net which is a crucial part of the harvest is made up of stainless steel to inhibit friction and wear. The other components of the combine include a unique rice cleaning fan and an adjustable straw to ensure fine rice cleaning and for adjusting the treated amount of grains respectively. 
Either you buy a used combine harvester or a brand new one, our tractor company offers all. The durability and low maintenance make the Kubota DC-70 G Plus a unique and favored harvester among many others. Get your hands on this combine model by Kubota and harvest your rice fields in the most effective manner.




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