Kubota DC-95GM Combine Harvester for sale

Kubota DC-95GM Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-95GM Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-95GM Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-95GM Combine Harvester for sale
Kubota DC-95GM Combine Harvester for sale

 1,400 Hours. Combine Harvester (Harvesting, Threshing, and Cleaning one operation), 95hp Diesel Engine, High speed Rice Harvesting, 2.2 Meters Cutting Width, 1400KG Rice Grain Capacity, 85Ltrs Fuel Tank, 0.5 - 0.6 Hectares per hour, Easy to Operate, Outstanding Threshing System, For Crops: Rice, Wheat, Oats, Barley, Flax, and Soybeans. Can also do Corn with attachment.


Kubota DC-95GM Combine Harvester

Combine harvesters enable efficient harvesting of grain crops and some non-grain crops such as flax. Kubota offers various combine harvesters such as the model, Kubota DC-95GM Combine Harvester. Kubota is a Japanese manufacturer of agricultural machinery and is considered to be a leader in the market. Kubota now provides a wide range of products, ranging from tiny to large tractors, for a variety of uses and scales.
We at Tractors PK, supply products from the brand Kubota due to its reliability and high quality. The Kubota DC-95GM Combine Harvester has a 95 horsepower diesel engine and a fuel tank of 85 liters. It performs three functions which include harvesting, threshing, and cleaning. It has high-speed rice harvesting and 2.2-meter cutting width. Other than that, this model possesses 1400KG rice grain capacity and 0.5 - 0.6 Hectares per hour. 
Our Kubota DC-95GM can be used for rice, soybeans, flax, barley, oats, and wheat. It can also be helpful with corn but an attachment will be needed. Moreover, it is easy to use and maintain. KUBOTA combines can be shifted between forward and backward without pausing thanks to the Synchro-Shuttle mechanism placed under the steering for ease of use. Gear shifting is easier with these features, as is a smooth operation and tremendous agility. KUBOTA's weight, ground clearance, and horsepower are all well balanced, allowing you to work in any puddle or cross ridges.


Our tractor firm is the top tractor dealer in Africa, so you can get the best tractor prices in Africa, and we can deliver tractors of your choice to your doorstep, regardless of your geographic location. We have the Kubota DC-95GM Combine Harvester for sale so make sure to send an inquiry. This will enable you to have further details about our product and can help you get in contact with a sales representative. 

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My tractor & plough arrived last week and I am very happy with its performance and speed.

Henry Maapatsane (Gaborone, Botswana)


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