Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer
Hydraulic Tipping Trailer
Hydraulic Tipping Trailer
Hydraulic Tipping Trailer
Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

A hydraulic tipping trailer is used for carrying and transporting heavy items and materials such as a water bowser. These are ATV trailers that have a great capacity of up to 10 tons. A hydraulic tipping trailer transports sand and gravel as well. Its electro-hydraulics enable it to tip quickly. Tipping and unloading are made simpler due to its swinging front and rear tailgate. Its robust build enables it to lift more than 70 bales.

Uses and Benefits of Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

A convenient option for dumping materials
Flexible enough to unload goods by tipping
Saves operating costs
Low maintenance equipment
Capable of getting tough and heavy-duty work done
Ideal for handling all types of loose material
Can be used as a multipurpose trailer

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Specifications

Heavy-duty frame
Structured framework for enhanced stability and strength
Super steel hub and taped roller
Reliable hydraulic cylinder that can work in varying conditions
Durable transportation hitch
Comes with flotation tyres
Galvanised drop sides for easy attachment and detachment

Why Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Popular in Africa

African farmers can easily unload and transport their materials by using a hydraulic tipping trailer. It makes their lives easier as transporting heavy and loose material has become easier than ever. It can be operated easily and does not require any prior training hence African farmers can use it without making much effort.

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It is an absolute pride for me to purchase new shining MF 360 Tractor from Tractors PK which is a truly a name to trust with. I received this excellent piece of tractor in perfectly new condition.

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