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At Tractors Pk, we own a diverse variety of tractors and associated agricultural machinery. These tractors that are available at our tractor company in Rwanda are the most sought-after and known tractors in the world because of their reliability and credibility in agricultural operations. They are considered to be the topmost priority of the farmers because they have outdone their agricultural tasks with ease and perfection. 

Agriculture of Rwanda

The agriculture of Rwanda is quite sustainable as it accounts for 33% of the GDP of the country. Approximately 61% of the soil of Rwanda is suitable for agriculture. The smart economic move by the Rwandan government has enabled the GDP of Rwanda to grow by 7% since 2014. The prosperity of economic growth is directly proportional to its agricultural expansion. The cash crops produced by Rwandan agriculture are pyrethrum, tea, flowers, coffee, wheat, sugarcane, rice, Irish potatoes, rice, banana, etc. Moreover, the agricultural sector within Rwanda has topped the ratio of provision of employment opportunities to its nationals. 

Undoubtedly, there exists several threats to the agriculture of Rwanda namely small average landholdings, poor water management, and land scarcity issues due to the accommodation of a huge population. No matter what the issues are, the agricultural solutions provided by our all-under-one-roof tractor company will save your crop yield from never-ending threats.  

How Tractors Pk can continue the path of economic success

Our Massey Ferguson company in Rwanda supplies the necessitated farm implements and agricultural machinery which is essential for the continued prosperity of agriculture. We offer Kubota Combine Harvester, New Holland Tractors, and Massey Ferguson Tractors, both in used and brand new condition, providing numerous options to farmers to cater to their agricultural needs.

Besides, the credibility of our used Japanese tractors for sale is undeniable as they can easily outperform numerous farmhands in minimal time. 

Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale in Rwanda

New Holland Tractors for Sale in Rwanda

Tractor Implements for Sale in Rwanda

Countless benefits of our agricultural machinery

The farm implements and other agricultural machinery available at our tractor company in Rwanda offer countless benefits. These farm implements and tractors for sale are easy to operate. Furthermore, our prices are inclusive of taxes however they are still below the margin and within the vicinity, we are offering the lowest rates. The reliability of our tractors, farm implements, and combine harvesters is unmatched. Our qualitative agricultural machinery comes under warranty so you don’t have to sweat about repair costs.


The mission of Tractors PK Rwanda

At Tractors PK Rwanda, we believe to motivate the farmer fraternity of Rwanda by supplying them with farming tools to boost their agricultural ratios in order to produce surplus crops in a matter of time. We strive hard to provide top-notch and qualitative agricultural machinery for improving the agri-sector of Rwanda. We aim to modernize the agricultural sector of Rwanda, by means of reducing labor costs and with increased crop production reducing the poverty standards of the country.

We are your go-to tractor company in Rwanda, catering numerous agricultural solutions to innumerable agricultural problems. Our reliable and long-term agricultural solutions have done wonders for the global farmers and now in Rwanda, we are here to supply our immaculate agricultural machinery to these farmers.

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