Adjustable Pintle Hook for sale in Africa - Tractor Implements

Adjustable Pintle Hook for sale in Africa - Tractor Implements
Adjustable Pintle Hook for sale in Africa - Tractor Implements

An adjustable pintle hook available at Tractors PK, is used in combination with an agricultural trolley which is mounted to a tractor’s back. A pintle hook allows for a pivot point so that the trolley can carry heavy loads with ease. Heavy-duty towing is made possible due to a lunette ring that makes great motion possible. Pintle hooks work best for rough and off-road terrains, as one may come across dramatic angles on such roads. These are better than ball couplers. It makes turning easier.

Adjustable Pintle Hook Uses and Benefits:

·         Especially useful when towing heavy loads on tough pathways safely
·         A superior alternative to a ball mount
·         Can support a substantial load due to its thick body
·         Easier to couple and decouple
·         Can carry maximum tongue weight
·         Well suited for military applications as well, due to superior flexibility. 

Adjustable Pintle Hook Specifications

·         I pintle hook II
·         Weight: 39 kgs – 44 kgs
·         Compatible with 50-85 HP tractors
·         Towing capacity: 5 to 10 tons. 

Adjustable Pintle Hook Popularity in Africa

African farmers rely on brand new farm implements for sale from Tractors PK, which is a reliable tractor company in Africa. These farmers use adjustable pintle hooks to allow swift and easy swivelling and movement of farm trolleys. Farmers can transfer heavy loads on rough roads in a comfortable drive. Tractors PK provides high quality farm implements in Africa. Adjustable pintle hooks and other such farm equipment are available for purchase at reliable tractor dealers in Africa.

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