Agricultural Loader

Agricultural Loader
Agricultural Loader
Agricultural Loader

Agricultural Loader Overview

Agricultural loaders available at Tractors PK are useful for performing small farming operations, like transportation of debris, wood, soil, etc. Material is loaded on trucks using this implement. It scoops up material from one place and drops it at another site. It is a heavy implement, hence tractor operators should drive cautiously and avoid abrupt turns and stops.


Uses and Benefits of an Agricultural loader

·         Used for transporting and retrieving cumbersome and heavy objects

·         Useful for removing waste, debris, and excess material

·         Transfers materials quickly and efficiently.


Technical Specifications of an Agricultural loader

·         Lift capacity: 750 kgs to 1000 kgs

·         Hydraulic operation

·         Lift height: 3 meters

·         Lifting time: 3-6 seconds

·         Bucket volume: 1 cubic meter

·         Compatible with tractors of 50-85 HP

·         Lift ram: 2, double-acting

·         Bucket ram: single, double acting

·         Closed earth bucket with digging teeth.


Agricultural Loader Usage in Africa


African farmers that have livestock can use an agricultural loader to remove animal waste and carry feed and hay bales. It is a versatile equipment that clears up the field by removing debris and waste. Farmers can also use it for transporting material from one place to another. Heavy-duty agricultural loaders are available at Tractors PK, which is a reliable tractor company in Africa.

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