Backhoe Loader

Backhoe Loader
Backhoe Loader
Backhoe Loader
Backhoe Loader
Backhoe Loader
Backhoe Loader
Backhoe Loader

Tractor mounted backhoes are implements attached to the rear side of a tractor. A backhoe typically functions as digger for digging trenches, large holes, pits and ponds. They are a very wise investment as they also perform several other tasks of lifting and moving heavy loads, placing each load in place with precision, removing tree stumps, transplantation of trees and scraping surfaces mainly ground for agricultural purposes.

Tractor backhoes can be paired with agricultural loaders to double the functions your tractor can perform. This attachment will also allow you to dig hard soils and load different materials on to other transportation vehicles. It also provides support to the tractor by balancing the weight at the front end so that tractor does not tip due to the weight of backhoe alone. Tractor Provider specializes in both of these attachments to make each of them efficient and function with durability.

Tractor Backhoe Specifications:

Minimum Tractor HP: 80 – 110 HP

Maximum Weight Lifting Capacity: 1000 Kilos

Maximum Digging depth: 92.6” – 146”

Bucket Size: 16” x 18”

Swing arc: 145 Degrees

Bucket Rotation: 165-170 Degrees

Hydraulic Pressure: 2250 PSI

Boom height from Ground: 118” – 188”

Transport Height: 132″

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