Bed Maker

Bed Maker
Bed Maker
Bed Maker
Bed Maker
Bed Maker
Bed Maker
Bed Maker

Agricultural bed maker is a farm implement used for forming bunds. The bunds help in water irrigation, prevent soil erosion and provide the right amount of shape and space for each crop. They are optimal for sowing crops and managing water irrigation systems throughout the farm as the disc angles can be set as per requirement. Our unique bed makers have adjustable cutting edges, allowing the farmer to use it according to their need for each crop and soil type.

Bed Maker Specifications:                       

Minimum Tractor HP: 50 HP

Mouldboard Length: 1.2 m

Overall Width: 2.20 m

Overall Weight: 305 Kg

Bund Height: 0.5 m

Bund Width: 1.0 m

Frame Dimensions in mm: 100 x 100 x 5

Mouldboard Angle: 5 Adjustable Positions

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Our Customers

Morning dear. We have already received the tractor. I am so happy for that, now I can deposit all the reliability on your business. 
I think we will do it again and again.

Paulo Sitoe (Mozambique)


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