Offset Disc Harrow with Wheels

Offset Disc Harrow with Wheels
Offset Disc Harrow with Wheels
Offset Disc Harrow with Wheels
Offset Disc Harrow with Wheels

An offset disc harrow is mounted to a tractor and can be manoeuvred to corners easily. It is useful in breaking virgin land as it enables primary tillage. It shatters clods as it prepares soil. It has proven to be more efficient as compared to tine tillers. An offset disc harrow prepares seed beds and also converts soils into a granular appearance. It penetrates big clods as it is a heavy-duty equipment. It helps soils conserve moisture and eliminate weeds.

Uses and benefits of offset Disc Harrow

Cultivates soil and kills unwanted plants
Helps new crops grow bigger
Shuffles soil which enables faster growth of seeds
Used on recently ploughed soil
Eradicates remaining clumps of clay
Loosens soil
Allows for better preparation of fields for next season

Offset Disc Harrow Specifications

Number of discs: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20
Offset, with hydraulic adjustment
Mounted to 50-85 HP tractors
Auto lubricator bushes
Big spindle pins
Pillars in plate with double stamping
Heavy-duty frame
Boron steel discs
Weighs 685 kg
61 cm disc size

Why Offset Disc Harrow Popular in Africa

An offset disc harrow is a heavy equipment and has the ability to penetrate large clods. It is especially suitable for tough African conditions. African soils are rough and most countries depend on rain-fed agriculture. The use of heavy-duty farm implements like an offset disc harrow improves the condition of soils for better yields.

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