Disc Harrow Hydraulic

Disc Harrow Hydraulic
Disc Harrow Hydraulic
Disc Harrow Hydraulic

Disc Harrow Hydraulic Overview

A disc harrow hydraulic is a hydraulic 3-point lift disc blade equipment. It chops unwanted weeds finely as it penetrates into soil and mixes it. A disc harrow hydraulic performs deep soil tillage and increases the soil’s organic nutritional value. The disc harrow hydraulic available at Tractors PK, a trusted tractor company in Africa, is of high quality and is compatible with compact and sub-compact tractors.


Uses and Benefits of a Disc Harrow Hydraulic

·         Used for breaking up virgin land

·         Performs deep tillage of soil

·         Removes crop residue and unwanted weeds

·         Repeatedly slices the ground for optimum results

·         Loosens and lifts the soil

·         Allows for new crops to grow quicker as it shuffles the soil.


Technical Specifications of Disc Harrow Hydraulic

·         Working width: 167.5 cm (66”)

·         Disc size/ 61 cm (24”)

·         Weight: 685 kg

·         Number of discs available: 16

·         Carbon steel discs

·         Tractor compatibility: 60-85 HP


Disc Harrow Hydraulic Usage in Africa


A disc harrow hydraulic prepares the land for cultivation and is especially useful in hard soils and difficult land conditions of Africa. African farmers can increase the quality and efficiency of their tough soils by using a disc harrow hydraulic. You can purchase one through reliable tractor dealers in Africa, such as Tractors PK.

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 Received massey 385 tractor and disc plough in superb condition. thankyou tractors PK

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