Fertilizer Spreader

Fertilizer Spreader
Fertilizer Spreader
Fertilizer Spreader

Product Overview
Fertiliser spreaders are available at Tractors PK, along with other high quality farm implements for sale in Africa. A fertiliser spreader enables even coats of fertiliser or other chemicals on the field. It can spread seeds quickly over large areas.
Uses and Benefits of a Fertiliser Spreader
High quality rugged construction
Operator-friendly and easy to use
Long-lasting and anti-corrosive wings
Results in improved yields
Enables accurate amount of fertiliser to be used
Eliminates compaction in soil
Technical Specifications of a Fertiliser Spreader
Fertiliser capacity: 250 Kgs
Hopper capacity: 300 litres
Weight of machine: 70 Kgs
Height: 105 cm
Radius of Hopper: 100 cm
Tractor compatibility: 50 HP and above
Wheel driven spinning disc
Strong steel hopper
Usage in Africa
African farmers utilise fertiliser spreaders in their farms to effectively spread fertiliser with accurate precision. It leads them to spread fertiliser evenly without resulting in any wastage. It also cuts labour costs and saves time. Fertiliser spreaders are available for purchase at Tractors PK.

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It is an absolute pride for me to purchase new shining MF 360 Tractor from Tractors PK which is a truly a name to trust with. I received this excellent piece of tractor in perfectly new condition.

Mogomotsi Kopano


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