Fodder chopper

Fodder chopper
Fodder chopper
Fodder chopper
Fodder chopper

A fodder chopper is available at Tractors PK along with all the other brand new implements for sale in Africa. It is made with top quality material and is long-lasting. A fodder chopper is used for chopping cotton stalk or grass. It readies the food for livestock by chopping it into small pieces. It is used for cutting straw and hay.

Fodder Chopper Uses and Benefits

Cuts straw, grass, hay and cotton stalk to feed livestock
Aids in animals’ digestion
Prevents animals from rejecting food
Cuts various lengths of chaff as per requirement
Cuts fodder uniformly.

Fodder Chopper Specifications

Strong iron frame
Manual and motor driven
Weight: 75 kgs (including motor)
Cutting blade: 2 blades
High carbon steel blades
Bearing size: 6204 and 6206
Blade size: 510 mm

Fodder Chopper Popularity in Africa

Fodder choppers available at Tractors Pk, have become quite popular in Africa during recent years. As findings suggest, a fodder chopper has reduced the labour burden on women, as well as the time required for feeding livestock. African women who rear livestock have become more financially independent due to improved feeding, which has resulted in higher sales of eggs and milk. Fodder choppers are available at various tractor dealers in Africa, along with several other brand new farm implements for sale.

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