Fodder Cutter

Fodder Cutter
Fodder Cutter
Fodder Cutter
Fodder Cutter
Fodder Cutter

Product Overview
One can chop feed for livestock by using a fodder cutter, which is available at Tractors PK, a leading tractor company in Africa. It can be mounted to a tractor or used mechanically.
Uses and Benefits of a Fodder Cutter
Cuts straw and hay into little pieces for livestock
Helps animals digest food better and minimises the chances of them rejecting food.
Increases the quality of forage
Decreases feed costs
Efficient and speedy
Sharp and long-lasting blades
Chops multiple crops
Less wastage and improved nutritional quality
Technical Specifications of a Fodder Cutter
Number of discs: 2
Number of knives: 6
Tractor HP (PTO): 540 rpm
Tractor compatibility: above 50 HP
Weight: 180 kg / 375 kg
Usage in Africa
Ethiopia and Tanzania have the largest number of livestock in all of Africa. Ethiopian and Tanzanian farmers can improve the health of their cattle by making use of a fodder cutter available at Tractors PK. It will help them prepare feed for their livestock.

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 Very happy with this Massey tractor and implements. Will come soon for more.

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