Front Blade for Sale - Tractor Implements

Front Blade for Sale - Tractor Implements
Front Blade for Sale - Tractor Implements
Front Blade for Sale - Tractor Implements
Front Blade for Sale - Tractor Implements

High quality front blades are available at Tractors PK, which is a popular tractor company in Africa. A front blade is used for moving soil and other materials from one place to another. It is operated hydraulically and is compatible with Massey Ferguson tractors. It is easily attached and removed from a tractor of 40 to 85 HP.

Front Blade Uses and Benefits

·         A front blade pushes gravel, snow, dirt, manure and sand.

·         Easier to use than a rear blade as the tractor operator can see all the work getting done in the front, as compared to having to turn around again and again for a rear blade.

·         Does not compact the snow as it pushes it and does not drive over it or compresses it

·         Easier to install and remove in a matter of seconds

·         Free three point hitch

Front Blade Specifications

·         Heavy-duty and double acting hydraulic ram

·         Control valve: open centre double-acting spool valve

·         Blade movement: max lift 533 mm

·         Maximum depth below ground: 102 mm

·         Compatibility: MF 240, 350 Plus, 260, 360, 375, 385 tractors

·         Blade: Model MF-08/1= 6.5”x30” (twin ram)

·         Cutting edge: 152 mm (6”)x12.7mm (1/2”) section high carbon alloy steel reversible and replaceable 

Front Blade Popularity in Africa

Fodder choppers available at Tractors Pk, have become quite popular in Africa during recent years. As findings suggest, a fodder chopper has reduced the labour burden on women, as well as the time required for feeding livestock. African women who rear livestock have become more financially independent due to improved feeding, which has resulted in higher sales of eggs and milk. Fodder choppers are available at various tractor dealers in Africa, along with several other brand new farm implements for sale.



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