Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill
Hammer Mill
Hammer Mill

A hammer mill, available at Tractors Pk, crushes and shreds material. It mills grains for livestock, into coarse flour. It is also used for juice production, for grinding pallets for mulch, decreasing the size of trim scrap, scrapping automobiles, crushing rocks, etc. This implement makes use of small hammers to break material. This primary crusher is available at Tractors PK, a reliable tractor company in Africa.

Hammer Mill Uses and Benefits

A hammer mill grinds and reduces the size of different materials
It is used in several different industries for various purposes, such as producing juice, ethanol, crushing rocks, shredding paper or garden waste, grinding cement, etc.
A reasonably priced investment as compared to a rolling mill.
Heavy-duty but consumes minimal fuel
Does not require special maintenance techniques
Made from high quality spare parts
Can be adjusted for the required size of material
Produces spherical particles.

Hammer Mill Specifications

Heavy-duty machine
Hammers attached to a rotating shaft
Crushing chamber
One opening end and one excreting end
Simple structure with many checkpoints
The opening can be manually adjusted by operator to achieve desired size of material
A steel drum consisting of a rotating shaft on which hammers are attached.

Hammer Mill Popularity in Africa

This equipment is used for preparing broiler rations almost exclusively, due to its simple design. Its low maintenance costs and ease of operation makes it a popular and a widespread choice in most Nigerian poultry farms. African farmers can get their hands on a hammer mill and other farms implements at Tractors Pk, a tractor company in Africa.


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