Landscape Rakes

Landscape Rakes
Landscape Rakes
Landscape Rakes

Landscape rakes are used for preparing and reshaping the surface of a soil. It is used for finishing off an uneven terrain. It is mounted to the back of a tractor as it pulls debris over the soil’s surface by digging through dirt. It levels the ground and improves its quality by getting rid of debris, weed, rocks, etc. This way the soil is prepared for cultivation.

Landscape rakes uses and benefits

Prepares the soil for cultivation
Levels the ground by removing rocks and other waste material
Its large and wide head can move large amounts of soil in one go
Contours land for an improved drainage system
Spreads out bark and compost
Can remove soiled straw from livestock stalls
Used for soil grading.

Landscape rakes Specifications

Strong three-point square tube frame
5 forward and 5 reverse settings
Heat-treated and heavy-duty spring steel tines
Durable tines
Adjustable stabiliser bar.

Landscape rakes Popularity in Africa

African farmers use landscape rakes in their farms to remove debris from pastures and to grade gravel roads. Landscape rakes are available at Tractors PK, a tractor company in Africa. It is used for spreading topsoil and is mounted to a tractor to level the ground by getting rid of waste. It is also used for cleaning livestock stalls.

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