Maize Sheller

Maize Sheller
Maize Sheller
Maize Sheller
Maize Sheller
Maize Sheller

Operated via a tractor’s PTO shaft, maize sheller available at Tractors PK, is used for separating kernels from cobs. This implement is utilised during the process of harvesting. It rubs cobs and reduces chances of harm to the seeds’ germination capacity. It shells maize by beating and shearing done by the cast iron rotating shelling disc. It passes the shelled kernels via an air stream and gets rid of the empty cobs. Farmers can then collect the cleaned maize kernels from the machine’s bottom. Buy good quality farm equipment from tractor dealers in Africa.

Maize Sheller Uses and Benefits

It can remove 15-20 cobs within a minute and about 400-500 kgs per hour
Simple operation
Convenient to use, as it does not require electricity or maintenance
Threshing rate is more than 97%.
Kernels remain unbreakable.

Maize Sheller Specifications

Belts: V-Belts
Overall length: 51”
Overall width: 63”
Overall height: 59”
Capacity: 1500 kg/hour
PTO shaft driven
Compatible with tractors of 50 HP and above.

Maize Sheller Popularity in Africa

According to a research conducted in rural Tanzania in 2014, the use of maize shellers reduced the cost of labour up to 77%, and increased labour efficiency by 88%. The farmers there rejoice about the benefits of using maize shellers, and how it has improved their standards of living, as they can quickly turn produce into shelled grain within a span of hours. Gone are the days when they used to spend several days to shell maize manually. African farmers can get in touch with verified tractor dealers in Africa, like Tractors Pk, to purchase their brand new farm implements.

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