Potato Harvester

Potato Harvester
Potato Harvester
Potato Harvester
Potato Harvester
Potato Harvester
Potato Harvester

Product Overview
A potato digger spinner is used for harvesting potatoes. It cuts the stems of potatoes before they are harvested. It is mounted to a tractor and is PTO operated. It digs potatoes and then spreads them on the land.
Uses and Benefits of a Potato Digger Spinner
Uproots potatoes and separates them from the soil
Harvest potatoes efficiently
Results in higher productivity
Cuts down harvesting time considerably
Minimises losses significantly
Technical Specifications
Rear mounted
PTO operated
98% efficiency
Tractor requirement: 50 HP+
Output: 0.1 ha/hr
Connected to a tractor via three-point linkage
Usage in Africa
Africa is a major producer of potatoes. Harvesting potatoes manually results in huge post harvest losses that go up to 25%. African farmers who have invested in potato digger spinners for harvesting their potatoes have reported substantial productivity and minimal losses. You can also attain this level of productivity by purchasing a potato digger spinner from Tractors PK, which is a trustworthy tractor company in Africa.

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 It is an overall good tractor and runs really well. thankyou tractors PK.

Customer from Botswana


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