Rice Thresher

Rice Thresher
Rice Thresher
Rice Thresher
Rice Thresher
Rice Thresher

A rice thresher is used for separating rice or other grains from their straws and chaff. It shells and threshes rice thoroughly and cuts down harvesting time due to its high removal and low breakage qualities. It also saves labour costs. A farmer can insert rice crops in one end and it will thresh the grain and throw it out from another end. The process of threshing has become effortless and time-saving, thanks to rice threshers.

Uses and Benefits Rice Thresher Farm Implements

Less physical labour required and timely harvests
Threshes grain and removes seeds from husks
Less seed breakage
Encourages recycling of leftover material
PTO operated and highly efficient

Rice Thresher Specifications

Length: 330 cm
Width: 187 cm
Height: 181 cm
Power requirement: 65 HP tractors
Labour requirement: four people
PTO speed: 540 RPM
Fuel consumption: 7-7.5 litre per hour
Threshing system: axial flow
Grain output: 1.5-2 tons per hour
Cleaning system: Centrifugal Blower
Cleaning efficiency: 99%
Grain breakage: almost nil.

Why Rice Thresher Popular in Africa

Rice is a staple and a major cash crop in several African countries. Africa produces around 4.6% of the world’s total rice production. Rice threshers have become quite popular in Africa due to their ruggedness and advanced technology. Manual threshing was usually carried out by women farmers and was a back-breaking and a labour-intensive process. Rice threshers have reduced manual labour as they speed up the post-harvesting processes where rice is grown.

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