Ridger for Sale - Tractor Implements

Ridger for Sale - Tractor Implements
Ridger for Sale - Tractor Implements
Ridger for Sale - Tractor Implements

Ridger Overview

A ridger creates furrows to accelerate the flow of water, as well as to make ridges for plants like potatoes, chillies, tobacco, sugarcane, and other such row crops. The ridger available at Tractors PK can be adjusted to make numerous row widths precisely. It can be used after the land is tilled. It creates ridges to retain soil flow. A ridger will perform its best when the soil has moisture within it.


Uses and Benefits of a Ridger

·         Earths up crops which are sown in rows

·         Makes ridges for cultivating potatoes and other vegetables

·         Can be fitted on the rotary assembly via a bolt and nut

·         Comes with adjustable mould boards at Tractors PK

·         Can create different row widths

·         Reduces annual weed density to about 80%

·         Allows for warmer soil temperature

·         Ridge-planting results in moist soils

·         Reduces volunteer crops

·         Reduces herbicide costs

·         Erosion can be reduced by maintaining the ridge height

·         Reduces soil compaction and controls traffic pattern


Technical Specifications of a Ridger

·         Maximum row spacing: 711m (decreasing in increments of 25mm)

·         Overall width: 1,778mm

·         Tractor compatibility: 45 to 85 HP

·         Depth: 1,050 mm

·         Clearance (under frame): 550 mm

·         Weight: 145 kg.


Ridger Usage in Africa


Several crops such as, tobacco, potatoes, sugarcane, chillies, etc., are grown in Africa and their cultivation is made simpler and more productive using tillage equipments. One such farm implement is a ridger. African farmers can purchase a ridger from Tractors PK, which is a tractor company in Africa, that stocks brand new farm implements and other such equipment for sale in Africa.

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My tractor & plough arrived last week and I am very happy with its performance and speed.

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