Rotary Slasher

Rotary Slasher
Rotary Slasher
Rotary Slasher
Rotary Slasher
Rotary Slasher
Rotary Slasher

Rotary Slasher Overview

Rotary slashers are mainly utilised for slashing pasture toppings and shrubs. One can maintain grasslands using a rotary slasher as it cuts grass precisely. Available at Tractors PK, it comes with a high quality body and boron steel cutting blades. It is attached to a tractor via three-points linkage. It ensures easy operation and is safe to use.


Uses and benefits of a Rotary Slashed

·         Slashes weeds, thick bushes and wild farm grass using its sharp rotator blade

·         Effectively slashes and cuts any type of crops, such as maize, tobacco, cotton, etc.

·         Its rugged frame allows it to withstand high load conditions, such as tough and rough wild grass and bushes

·         Powerful enough to handle tall weeds

·         Cuts at various cutting heights.


Technical Specifications of a Rotary Slasher

·         Weight: approximately 190 kgs

·         Tractor compatibility: 50-75 HP

·         Material: mild steel

·         Overall width: 175 cm

·         Number of blades: 3

·         Centre mounted


Rotary Slasher Usage in Africa


South Africa’s rough and tough grasslands are ground for weed growth. African farmers can benefit from using a rotary slasher to cut tough weeds and shrubs, and maintain their grasslands more effectively.

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