Sub Soiler

Sub Soiler
Sub Soiler

Product Overview
A sub soiler is available for purchase at Tractors PK, a tractor company in Africa. A sub soiler is a type of agricultural machinery that is required for deep tillage of land. It breaks compacted sub soil and the hardpan in the soil. It is effective on dry soils and is mounted to large tractors, as it needs a lot of power to operate.
Uses and Benefits
Enhances growth of crops in tough and problematic soils
Cultivates soil in reduced costs
Brightens hard plow pan
Enables the soil to absorb rainwater as it protects moisture
Constructed using high resistant steel for maximum durability
Sub-soiling increases yields on soil
Allows for better root aeration, more access to additional nutrients, and enhanced water movement.
Technical Specifications of a Sub Soiler
Model: OTI-01/S
Linkage category: ½
Frame: heavy-duty steel channel
Width of plough: 31” (78 cm)
Height of plough: 49.5” (126 cm)
Length of plough: 30” (76 cm)
Number of blades: 1
Weight: 110 Kg
Working depth: 21” (53 cm)
Usage in Africa
Sixteen percent of African soils are classified as possessing low nutritional value. Activities like sub-soiling are known to increase fertility of soils. African farmers can purchase agricultural equipment such as sub soilers to enhance their fields’ productivity, from reliable tractor dealers such as Tractors PK.

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