V Ditcher Farm Equipment

V Ditcher Farm Equipment
V Ditcher Farm Equipment
V Ditcher Farm Equipment
V Ditcher Farm Equipment
V Ditcher Farm Equipment

Product Overview
This implement creates waterways for irrigation. A V Ditcher is available at Tractors PK, a leading tractor company in Africa. It is mounted to a tractor and manages soil nutrients and improves drainage by creating V-shaped ditches.
Uses and Benefits of a V-Ditcher
It profiles the land for an improved water flow
It creates a wide channel shallower than traditional methods
It reduces soil erosion by promoting a slower flow of water
It can be used for maintaining rural roads
Can be used for moving snow
A V-Ditcher works well in extreme conditions
It has ditch, ridge and rotary functions.
Technical Specifications of a V-Ditcher
Made from carbon steel
Uses minimal force to slit topsoil
Category II and III 3-point hitches
Adjustable depth control skids and plow angle
Carbon steel points for durability
Easy maintenance.
Usage in Africa
African farmers use V-Ditchers to minimise soil erosion and improve drainage by creating water flows. V-Ditchers are available at Tractors PK, which is a team of leading tractor dealers in Africa that deals in brand new farm implements for sale.

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Alhamdulillah, am good and things are going well, received the tractor in good condition. Everything is on order
Transported to my ranch, arrived yesterday.
Will take a nice picture of the tractor with beautiful comments.

Mr Kasim Juma Kofia (Tanzania)


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