Wheat / Rice Reaper

Wheat / Rice Reaper
Wheat / Rice Reaper
Wheat / Rice Reaper

Product Overview
A wheat/rice reaper is available at Tractors PK, which is a tractor company in Africa. It is used for harvesting rice and wheat. Farmers use this implement as it cuts down rice panicles for harvesting. It is mounted to a tractor’s front. A wheat/rice reaper cuts cereal crops and sends them to a side vertically and then it puts them in the other end for a smooth and simple collection. It throws the cut panicles on the ground so that the farmers can collect them. Manual rice and wheat harvesting is not only overly time-consuming, but also happens to lead to post harvest losses. This farm implement in Africa enables farmers to harvest rice and wheat quickly and efficiently, which results in quality yields.
Uses and Benefits of a Reaper
Cutting and binding can be done simultaneously
It reduces working time and heavy manual labour
Can flexibly adapt to various environments due to adjustability
The size of bundling and stubble height is adjustable
Low stubble height enables convenient management in the future
Light-weight and compact for a good control
Stable performance and convenient to move around.
Technical Specifications of a Reaper
Cutting width: 7.5 ft.
Number of blades: 29
Weight with kit: 275 kgs
Maximum length: 7.8 ft.
Maximum width: 2.37 ft.
Maximum height: 2.37 ft.
Usage in Africa
Africa is a major producer of rice and wheat, along with other cereals. Rice is a staple food in the continent. Therefore, the use of a wheat and rice reaper in Africa can prove to be supremely beneficial as it cuts down harvesting time in half and results in fewer losses. One can buy a quality wheat/rice reaper from Tractors PK, which is a reliable team of tractor dealers in Africa, that deals in quality farm equipment and all kinds of agricultural machinery.

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